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23 hours ago, Haz said:

Talk about a sledgehammer to crack an egg?


 They sent up two F22 fighters and one fired an AIM missile at the balloon! 

Why? The missile cost several thousand dollars. The missile went straight through and could travel potentially 200 miles further. 

They could have gunned it down and the debris would have been over a smaller area. I’m not sure of the F35 ceiling but it could have stood off, hovering, and shout the Shit out of it. 

The bigger explosion ids the Pentagon revealing that during Trumps time in office, Three! Such balloons drifted over the US mainland and Trump did nothing!


I forgot you were an aeronautical expert from your photography.


Sounds like a good hobby/area of interest.

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34 minutes ago, thomas said:

^^ just beat me




there's a 100% chance of deepfakes being used in social media attack ads by one or both of them and i can't wait for stupid to turn real stupid. :lol:


I was amazed there wasn't a bunch of deepfake stuff last election.  It's gonna get wild.

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