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The NO Traitors 2 - Day 10


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After the success of the last game we have to go for round 2 :)


For those who haven't played before players are grouped into Faithful and Traitors. The Traitor's aim is to remain undetected and murder all the Faithful. The Faithful's aim is to identify and banish all the Traitors. The previous thread can be found here https://newcastle-online.org/topic/37569-the-no-traitors/




We have a Discord server where dead players and spectators can watch the game with the knowledge of who is who. It hopefully goes without saying but please do not leak the contents of this group outside. The Discord link is here:




Once in put a request in the welcome channel asking for access to the game channel and I'll add you.


This Discord is NOT intended for active players. Any gameplay discussion must take place on this forum.


General Rules


Under no circumstances must you share the contents of any correspondence from me with any other player.


If you think you've found a way to break the game in some manner then please run your idea by me first.


PMs between players are permitted however I ask that as moderator of the game you CC me into these messages. 


Dead players may take no further part in the game. Be that posting in this thread, PMs, and whatever else might be going on.


Gameplay Rules

Votes are due by 7pm each day from Day 2 onwards. Highlight your chosen name in this thread next to a Giggs :giggs: (so I can easily skim the topic for votes). If you wish to recant a vote do so next to a Giggs as well. The player with the most votes at 7pm is eliminated. In the event of a tied vote all tied players are eliminated.


Night actions are due by 11pm each night. The results of each night will appear the following morning some time around 9am hangovers and the like permitting.


The Faithful win when all Traitors have been removed from the game. The Traitors win when eliminating all remaining Faithful is inevitable (typically by outnumbering the Faithful but certain roles can alter when inevitability happens).


Many players have a role assigned. These have been communicated to the players in question. You may reveal your role (though not share the PM assigning it to you i.e. you can only claim to have a role) though you might want to consider how advisable this is.


Faithful Roles


Detective - Each night choose a player. You will be informed which team that player belongs to.


Doctor - Each night choose a player. That player is protected from murder. You may select yourself. You may not select the same player two nights in a row.


Nurse - You become the Doctor if the Doctor is killed.


Coroner - For as long as you are in the game the roles of dead players will be revealed. (The Coroner does not reveal itself on death)


Defector - If you are targeted for murder you may instead choose to join the Traitors.


Tracker - Each night choose a player. You will be informed of whatever action that player takes that night.


Lawyer - Your votes count double.


Masons - You know the identify of your fellow Masons.


Vigilante - Each night you may murder another player. If you target a Faithful you are both killed.


Traitor Roles


Godfather - You are responsible for choosing each nights murder Victim. If you are scanned by the Detective you will reveal as Faithful (the Tracker can still identify you).


Seer - Each night choose a player. You will be informed whether or not that player has a special role (but not the role itself).


Recruiter - Once during the game, and only when at least 10 players remain you may select a Faithful to recruit to the Traitors. That player may accept or decline. They retain any previous roles they may have had.


Furthermore the Traitors may perform a single Perfect Murder at some point during the game. This can not be blocked by the Doctor.


Players (8 left)


Darth Crooks

The Prophet








Eliminated (18)




The College Dropout










relámpago blanco



Shays Given Tim Flowers




Community Spreadsheet



I take no responsibility whatsoever as to the accuracy of this spreadsheet.



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9 hours ago, Super Duper Branko Strupar said:

People probably dont want me to I'd imagine :lol: 


You made it more entertaining. Without the faithful would have just coasted to a boring victory.


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