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Speaker selection


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My head is done in and to tell you the truth I can't really hear any difference. I have 3 pairs of speakers and I  need to choose what ones to use as my fronts and what ones to use as the rears.

Wharfedale valdus 400's (front at min)

B&W DM110 I's (not hooked up)

Tannoy Sensys 1 (rears).


I know for best sound all speakers should be the same make but when I got em for fk all I cannot complain. well the Wharfedale's I bought a few years ago, the Tannoy and B&W's I got given off my mate.  :thup:


Thing is all 3 pairs are really HI-FI speakers and not home theatre ones. Anyone on here got much of a clue about home theatre setups ?

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