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How bad is your hangover today


How are fucked are ye?  

70 members have voted

  1. 1. How are fucked are ye?

    • 10 - A wanna die
    • 9 - One of the worst hangovers in life
    • 8 - Totally fucked look worse than the mother in law
    • 7- Fucked
    • 6 - Dodgy like
    • 5 - Fucked but nowt another pint wont cure
    • 4 - Not bad considering
    • 3 - Had the shits but am areet
    • 2 - Fine
    • 1 - Could run the Great North Run

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Out of 10 how bad is this new years hangover.  10= I wanna die 9=one of the worst hangovers in life 1=absolutely fine etc.. 


I had a lot of whisky last night but I've woke pleasantly surprised at my lack of a hangover  :thup:  I remembered falling down coming up the stairs but a full bottle of Volvic must've been drunk because the bottl;e is empty beside my bed.  I remember one New Year, we played Leeds on NYD about 97, and I was that fucked the expression on my face all day and at the match was like Steven Hawking all the time, but today I'm fine  :thup:

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