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Kings of Leon


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Got to do a cd for work tomorrow and one of the lasses likes them, I have these songs:


Red Morning Light

Happy Alone

Wasted Time

Joe's Head


California Waiting

Spiral Staircase

Molly's Chambers



Holy Roller Novocaine

Talihina Sky - (hidden track)


Which one would be the best?


Cheers  :thup:

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Guest Alan Shearer 9

Do you actually know or are you picking one that sounds a little funny because thats how zany you are? :lol:


No I'm just picking any track knowing you'll go with it because this is you



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Guest timmy boy

New album is immense,I loved the raw sound of their first two albums, thought the third was a bit over hyped and overrated but the new one just oozes class,took me a few listens to get in to it as its so much slower than their older stuff now I'm hooked only thing I have really listened to since I got it.

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Given the new album a good few listens now and im loving it. First 5 songs are brilliant and think the rest are starting to grow on me as well. Out of their other stuff, I would say the bucket, soft, true love way, on call, arizona, trani and molly's chamber are my faves. All good songs though!

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I'm surprised no-one has mentioned Ragoo, I love that song.


I'm also surprised that they have released another album seemingly so soon after their last one. Still yet to give it a listen.


Off the top of my head, my favorites are: Ragoo, King of the Rodeo, The Bucket, Charmer, Four Kicks amongst others.

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