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Guest Hawey The Toon

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Guest Hawey The Toon

Hello My name is James and i'm 19 plus I am a season ticket holder at St Jame's. I run my own website www.nufconline.co.nr and reguarly post onwww.thefoootballforum.net which has a new members forum for new members to say hello.


This forum doesnt have a nembers section so I'm posting here. I look forward to having fun posting on here and chose you over the Talk of The Tyne forums, but thier sexist as they have sign up saying not for girls, which is unfair cos some of them know loads about  footy! Anyway how sh*t was Boumsong on Sat?




PS I know Hawey is spelt wrong in my username but i've used the name for years on the net and cant be bothered to change it to Howay.

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