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JobCentre's stripper offer shocks Owen


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JobCentre's stripper offer shocks Owen

A MAN was shocked when a computer search for local job opportunities brought up a job as a stripper in Manchester.

Owen Simpson was at the Cambridge JobCentre when the vacancy for dancers in the North West came up.

The ad informed Mr Simpson that duties included performing as a lap dancer which involve nudity.

The advert also revealed a position for an experienced drag artist.

Mr Simpson, 42, said: "I think it's disgraceful. JobCentres used to advertise jobs that offered proper training and education.

Now it's 'get your clothes off '.

"The strange thing is that it was the only job from outside the area that came up. It's shameful and worrying, but also funny."

The advert promises pay of up to £400 per night for two fourhour stints per week.

Experience is preferred but not essential.

Applicants must also have "excellent communication skills".

The details make it clear that the vacancy is exempt from normal rules compelling jobseekers to apply for listed jobs, and that no one is obliged to consider applying.

Though Mr Simpson can see the funny side, he does not believe the Government should be promoting such jobs to the unemployed.

He said: "In the past I have worked in the healthcare profession and dealt with sex workers. The sex industry is a continuum that starts with lap dancing and goes into prostitution.

I'm not suggesting anything about this particular employer, but this sort of job should not be advertised at a JobCentre."

A spokesman for the Department of Work and Pensions, which decides on the vacancies advertised in job centres, said:

"We have safeguards to ensure customers are fully aware of the nature of these jobs, and able to choose whether to pursue them.

"Customers do not receive benefit sanctions if they do not apply for these vacancies.

"Although the vacancy is registered for the North West, the employer requested for it to be circulated nationwide as other vacancies are available with this company across the country."


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What a fucking prude!!


Who is this Owen character whose opinion we're supposed to swallow?


I've been to a job centre recently and I can tell you, there's a load of jobs that are a lot more insulting than that. :lol:

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