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Gears Of War - Organise online games (Xbox 360)


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Go for Hardcore, plus side being you unlock the casual achievements as you progress aswell.


Edit: Buttstock the wretches...remember that.

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Dude Hardcore...no questions...Casual is actually mentally retarded....If you play casual you will be like bleh i beat it...i don't care...


But beating it on hardcore (and then insane :D) is a great feeling and a great gaming experience...Once you have done hardcore you are ready for insane if you wish to do it...just some parts take a lot of trial and error on insane....


SO basically HARDCORE...don't pussy out...

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I just got bummed getting used to the controls on Casual. :lol:


I think i'll restart on Hardcore then.


Remember to shoot back Davidos. :lol:


I'll pretend they are Jews. ;)





No Dave will pretend they are making grammatical errors and not using upper caps. :laugh:

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