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The 'new' immigration debate.


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This is a very good article covering the 'new' heavy load of EU immigration and how it will affect all of us.





For me this is an intersting bit:


"Minimum £27,000 earnings to settle here

Its call for a minimum wage requirement on those who are permitted to settle in the UK is based on its own research, showing that a worker must earn £27,000 a year - what Migrationwatch believes to be the current average income - to make a positive lifetime contribution, whether measured by the tax paid or by the addition to GDP.

At present, only about 20% of migrants reach this salary level."



I generally believe that competition is always good for society and the culture we live in for different reasons. The U.K. is one of the most successful multi-cultural societies in the world imo and I have travelled a bit in Europe and in my small way can see the differances.

Onward and outward.

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