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The Contender USA Vs UK in Newcastle!.......


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Anyone else heard about this? I just kind of stumbled across it today.








Its basically a Ryder Cup style Boxing event. 7 fights UK Vs USA taking place at the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle on March the 30th.


The show will not be shown live on television, but will instead be broadcast in a series of six, one-hour programmes on ITV in the UK and ESPN in America.


This is an interesting bit:


"Jeff Wald, the executive producer of the Contender Series revealed that Newcastle - which he has visited in the past - was chosen specifically for its sports fans.


"I have been to Newcastle and they are sports crazy, they love boxing," he said.


"There is something about watching an exciting audience watching exciting events that is very special. We've picked a great boxing city and we are looking forward to filling out the arena."


Team USA will be lead by Sugar Ray Leonard:


Alfonso Gomez (15-3-2)

Walter Wright (13-2)

Grady Brewer (22-11)

Jerson Ravelo (17-2)

Freddy Curiel (16-6)

Cornelius Bunderage (25-2)

Miguel Espinosa (13-2-1)




Team UK lead by Barry McGuigan:


Wayne Alexander (24-3)

Anthony Small (15-0)

Paul Smith (18-0)

Martin Concepcion (11-3)

Paul Bucannan (8-0-1)

Ross Minter (16-1)

Nigel Wright (17-2)


Anyone else going?, I might its not often we get to see some half decent boxing here and it seems like quite a coup for the city.





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If the hour long programmes are anything like the other two Contender series I can see them running Rocky style over the Tyne bridge only to be chased by a bunch of charvers asking (in an aggressive manner) to 'lend' them 25p for the bus!



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Thought I'd ressurect this thread as it is taking place next friday.  8)


Taken from the official site  http://www.frankwarren.tv/contenders/


"It will be Contender fever in Newcastle all next week as all 16 fighters involved in the blockbuster show at the MetroRadio Arena will be based in the city.


Both the American and UK teams will be staying in Newcastle ahead of the eagerly anticipated show, which will be screened in both America and the UK on a delayed basis.


And fight fans will be able to get a sneak preview of the boxers on Tuesday, when they take part in a public work out at the MetroCentre in Gateshead.


Nigel Wright, Paul Buchanan, Robin Reid, Paul Smith, Ross Minter, Martin Concepcion, Anthony Small and Colin McNeil will be put their paces between 11am and 1pm.


They will then be followed by the US team - captained by the legendary Sugar Ray Leonard - between 1pm and 3pm, with Freddy Curiel, Jesse Brinkley, Alfonso Gomez, Cornelius Bunderage, Walter Wright, Michael Clarke, Jonathan Reid and Jerson Ravelo all in action.


Where: MetroCentre, Gateshead, NE11 9YG

Location: Exhibition Square (outside Woolworths)


The UK Team will work-out from 11am-1pm

The USA Team will work-out from 1pm-3pm"


I cant wait it should be class!



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Guest triggy99

nothin coz hes a loser and its not his birthday till 2moro. but since its his 18th birthday il do his mam 18 times. TY TY TY

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Guest makemeacupoftea

nothin coz hes a loser and its not his birthday till 2moro. but since its his 18th birthday il do his mam 18 times. TY TY TY


lol that was quite funny


ps. who is this kid?

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I stayed in the Gosforth park hotel(Marriot)  last night and there was about 30 american boxing type folk milling about - that might explain it then.

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