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New forum, everyone liking it then?

Guest Knightrider

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Guest Ridzuan

Well,Im not really liking it as the previous one,but I think I am also comfortable with this one.There is no need to upgrade it again in the near future.

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Certainly true mate, there's a case for liking the old one more, I mean it is simpler. But for words such as "classier" to be used, shake your heads please. Classy? It was as bland as fuck, that's not classy, it's just simple. It probably took about 15 minutes to make, what with there being about 2 different shades of colour in the whole thing. No effort was put in to it, it was a bog standard skin, so much so, those that made it never bothered to update their "classier" skin for the forum upgrade (which happened months in advance of us actually upgrading, so plenty of time for that classy skin to be re-made).


I like this one, have from day one.


A banner-link to the main page could/should be sorted in time, I hope. Unless someone else does it, it won't be done for a while though.

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