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Old Fashioned Projector to PC??

Guest Smudger

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Guest Smudger

Bit of an unusual problem this one but I thought I would ask.


Was round at my Father-In-Laws last night and he insisted on getting out his slides out and showing us a few hundred of them (He's got about 4 thousand of the things dating back to god knows when).


I got chatting to him about them and it got me thinking. Is there a way of transferring all his old slides onto hard disc. As I say I reckon hes got about 4 thousand of these slides which you have to load onto a wheel and slot into the machine. It takes him about 20 mins to load them onto the wheel and the same again to get them out and start loading again.


I know its possible to transfer all your old records onto PC by way of a USB powered turntable so perhaps theres something similar for old fashioned projectors??? Ive had a look on Google etc but there doesnt seem to be but was wondering if anyone elses parents/relatives had managed to do it??



Cheers  O0



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