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Ripping Vids.

Guest TheOrder

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Guest TheOrder

How can i rip videos from such sites as Youtube?


Wouldnt mind throwing a few on my psp/ipod and mobile.



Cheers bluecool.gif





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This might do it, not sure though, I've downloaded it but not installed or used it yet.




Instructions (Taken from another board that I can't name on here):





For some reason alot of people have said they would like to record the streams!!


After much searching a free solution to recording p2p streams has been found.


Streambox VCR is sadly a discontinued piece of software, and never got out of beta testing (pressure from Realnetworks forced them to stop the program's development)


The application is still widely available on the internet and can be obtained quite easily.


Here's our link to download the software suite:



Streambox VCR Suite Download Via FreeFootball.org Mirror



Once you've downloaded the software, double click it to begin the installation procedure.


The installation is straight forward and requires no special instructions.






Firstly you need to know that most pplive and ppstream etc streams are sent in a file format called .asf


For Streambox to record asf streams you MUST use a particular version of the software:



Click Start->All Programs->Streambox VCR Suite 2-> Streambox VCR 1.0 beta 30



It's important you use the beta 30 edition or it will not be able to record the .asf stream.


If it's the first time you've run the application it will ask you register your details, like in the screen below:





If you click cancel you will not be allowed to continue with the application.


So enter any old rubbish into the registration details, since the application is no longer produced it will attempt to communicate with the registration server, but fail.


When the application runs for the first time you'll get a window like below:




As with the image above, the first file is the registration process failing over and over. As in the picture above, delete the entry.


And click yes to confirm.



Next load up the stream you want to record, with the stream playing in media player, right click the picture and choose properties, like in the screen below:




You'll then get a window like the below:





at the bottom in location it should say something like:



highlight this and copy it.


Back in the Streambox application click the world icon that has a + sign in it.


In the location field, what you have copied to the clipboard should automatically be in the location field, if it's not, enter it. Like in the picture below:




In destination choose where you want the file to be saved (the desktop would be a nice easy place to find the file once it's finished recording)


Give the file a filename if you want to call it something different to what is already there (make sure it ends with .asf) you may want to cal it whatever the match is, such as 'Pool v Pompey 23rd nov 2005.asf or the like.


If your going out, and want to record the stream, you can use the schedule tab, to tell the application to record only between the selected times you give it. If you do this, remember to leave your stream running as well.


click ok.


The stream will start recording, and you should notice the file size increasing.


Depending on the bitrate of the stream, the size of the file could be quite large after 2 hours. To get an idea of how large the file will be, let the sreeam record for about a minute, and times the file size by the appox minutes of how long you will be recording for.


Click the stop button when your finished.




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If you want to rip streaming video off the net I would use this and this only,

'SDP Downloader' its class, only 1 thing I don't like about it is that it won;t rip and streams if they are for real player, I have not found a program that will rip real player streams...


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