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My pc died on me a fortnight ago, power spike fried the psu and damaged the mother board.

Just got another pc and I have installed the hard drive which escaped undamaged from my old one.

I've installed it as a slave and have just started going through it. I'm wanting to move the stuff i want to keep to c drive and then format the old one.

Anyway there was 2 user accounts on my old pc, my admin one, which needed a password to get in, and a one for the kids.

My music folders on mine were protected and now when I am trying to access them, it's saying that access is denied.

Does anyone know if there is anyway that I can access this folder to move what I want to keep ?

Thanks in advance.

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I assume he means that the files are encrypted, and only his old account can access them. Unless he's got the security certificate somewhere then I have no idea if he's got a chance of recovering them.


But since the encryption is to stop this (I honestly don't know why someone would encrypt mp3s), then I think he's screwed.

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Cheers for the replies.


I created a user account for me and one for my son, basically so he wasn't using mine and messing with stuff that I had saved, work stuff, mp3's, videos etc.


When I was logged in on my account I could access the folders but now I cant after what has happened.


Dont really want to have to take the hard drive out and hook it up to another pc in order to save what I want and was hoping that someone might know of a way round it.



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