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Get a PS2 for £49 at Asda Thursday 6am


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A while ago there was a £9 DVD player they did, apparently tomorrow it's going to be £49 PS2s.


Slimline versions brand new, one per customer, starts 6am. Expect them to go in double quick time.

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What a bargin, say what you want about the PS3 and 360 etc but there are some seriously quality games on this console, the GTAs, Resident Evils, Metal Gear Solids, Fifas, Pro Evos, Hitmans, Splinter Cells the list is endless

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I work there, and there isn't such a thing, in my store anyway.


Some people on HotUKDeals have already got them. The insider says there is to be a brief at very short notice to staff.


Might just be certain places? I've been there until 12 tonight, and the most they are doing is having outside shopfitters putting up asda insurance signs. There isn't usually managers in until around the 7 o clock mark anyway, and the menial staff like me wouldn't be allowed to do it. I know they had tele's around the christmas time that flew off the shelves, but it wasn't hush hush or quickly done.



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Should be them all by the sounds of it.


That one above was from Derby.


Hum i shall keep my eyes peeled, but i very much doubt it, they gave us a bonus and redone george, probably can't afford such a thing atm. If it's all happening today, why's this person got his a while beforehand?

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There are loads of people across the forums that have called their local stores and got positive answers. It's on, baby!


Hum fair enough, but i haven't heard a whisper, or anyone ringing with such an enquiry.


If i even wanted one, mine would be nearer the 40 pounds mark :p.


A similair thing happened with some kind of plasma tv at christmas, once they are gone, they are gone. They don't keep them back for staff even, so they won't keep them for people who won't be able to make it, so one absolute mad arse bought my colleague one, and said if you want it come to this address and pick it up with the money, if not we'll just keep it. More money than sense!

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just rang local asda the price will be reduced when the staff arrive in the morning in my case 8am and they only have 50 !!! he said it will be in the press tomorrow .

perhaps ring your local store and see what time the staff are getting in to mark down ???


I rang my local Asda and the lady said it's starting at 6am in the morning!


Just called Warrington store and Warrington Westbrook store in the North West they are both doing the deals and have 100 ps2 in each store but they are not changing price till around 0815hrs.


I called the derby store, they told me they were selling theirs at 12.01 this evening, got my ass down there ... GOT MINE £49.00 WINNER!!!!!!! Many Many thanks to the OP for this one.


they also stated that some games and memory cards were to be reduced at 6am in the morning inline with other stores but wouldnt say to what price


just rang my hounslow store. the guy said we cant keep one aside, i asked how many do you have he says about 1000


Just phoned my local store and they said they'd be getting them tmrw at £49.


when i rang my asda they said on sale from 6am


I just phoned Asda in Govan and they have said that they will not start selling them at £49 until 9:00 AM!

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Guest Snow_Bunny

Those are copy & paste jobs love. :razz:


Won't fucking bother next time, like. :hmm:


Edit - :)

oh. never realised  :blush:

thanks for the info. Most useful to me before i am about to go to sleep. I already have a slimline PS2 like. at least you know i am grateful for the info though even if i don't want to buy one, it was still an interesting read  :thup: :cheesy:

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