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Help me with my Network assignment please

Guest WalkervilleMag

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Guest WalkervilleMag

You have been appointed as a technical consultant by a medical pactice that wishes to replace old network systems with new ones. The practice has it's main health centre in Whitley Bay, and another in Howdon, each with a small network.


The Client wishes to install a new network at each of their premises and then link the networks to each other and to the NHS Network using a BT ADSL modem at each office.


The Whitley Bay office will house the server for a proprietary medical practice software system. This software is designed to run on Windows 2003 Servers and keeps patient records and appointment data. In addition, there is a requirment for ten new pc's at the office.


The Howdon health centre is to be equipped with 5 new pc's and a secondary server to manage log-ins should the connection between offices be down. Users at this centre need to access the main server at Whitley Bay for patient Records.


In addition to the two servers mentioned above, the client requires that all staff have access to e-mail but ONLY doctors and nurses have access to the internet.

You should specify appriopriate equipment to meet these requirements.



  1. A Connectivety layout diagram indicating the position of each network component up to the final distribution points (i.e it's not necessary to draw lines from the final distribution points to all pc's; a few indicative connections are enough so long as its clear how many pc's are connected to the distribution points
  2. Explain your choice of Network type , components and physical topology (actual prices are not necessary, comparative costs will be sufficent i.e "a router is about 5 times more expensive than a switch")
  3. Discuss how the Network can be best managed and what equipment will be required to give maximum flexibility
  4. Any Helath and Safety and Data Privecy consequences you have considered
  5. In specifying the new PC's and any servers a description along the lines of "A PC with a minimum of a 2GHz processor, 256MB RAM, 20GB HD, and running Windows XP" will be sufficient, but your selection of each requirment should be explained.
  6. At each stage you should discuss any alternitives that you have considered, explaining why they were not chosen.


Could sombody have alook at my connectivety diagram, and see if i am going the right way.  cheers





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Guest WalkervilleMag

thats what i was thinking,  was just getting confused.  keep them all in the DMZ zone at the Whitley Bay site, and they will cover the network for both sites.

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