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Firefox 2 tip


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This is a piece of shit. My extensions don't work, my theme doesn't work, and it's fucked up how I have my toolbars.


Anyway, I always used to use Alt+S to submit my posts on here. On Firefox 2 this has been inexplicably changed so it just opens your history. Fucking shit.


There is a workaround however that I found that might be of help to people:


Change Firefox to use the shortcuts you were familiar with


You can change Firefox 2's web page shortcut key and swap it with the menu shortcut key. This means to Submit in web forms ALT+S would work, and to get to your History menu, SHIFT+ALT+S would be needed.


To change the shortcut keys:


  1. Enter 'about:config' in the address bar and press enter.

  2. Change ui.key.chromeAccess to have a value of: 5

  3. Change ui.key.contentAccess to have a value of: 4


Works a treat now.

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Guest makemeacupoftea

i had to find FF 1.5 as FF 2 is so shit!!


half my stuff doesn't load and java doesn't work

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Much better than 1.5 for me, things like youtube now work perfectly and start up really quickly, whereas before they either took ages or didn't work at all. I have no problems with it whatsoever.

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