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"Selling Israel to the world" - idealogy from Israel's new Minister for Tourism.


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There's no room in modern world politics for mentals like this extremist, lying fraud. Wish she really was unfit to work.


Ridiculous is what she is, I assume she'll only be interested in attracting Jewish foreign visitors then.

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What next and for the sake of consistency..........Jewish/Israelis, in the event of vacationing to Goormany, under suspicion for conspiring with the anti-semite nation and as a result being charged with treason.




Have you seen how airbrushed that photo is!?!




Here she is, el'natural.









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Nowt wrong with her that a paper bag over the head couldn't fix. Otherwise, she's still perfectly shaggable.


I reckon GeJon would definitely hit that. Without the paper bag.

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