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Signed Liverpool Shirt For Sale - Signed by 19 Inc Gerrard


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Guest Invicta_Toon

I have a genuine liverpool signed 2007 shirt signed by 19 of the current squad.

Any sensible offers welcome..




I'll buy it, but only if the proceeds go to a charitable cause...































are you a real scouser?

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Its a shame because I was looking for a fake one, if you come across anything like that let me know.


ive got 400. you can have 400 for £3million pounds or 1 for £2million pounds.

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Can I let you know?


sure but potential suitors are practically knocking down my door tbh


I will pay £2m, but only if £1,960,000 of that is spent towards special delivery as my needs are very particular.


Stevie would have to be wearing it when I received it.


sorry, but i dont know mr G and have never met him, these shirts are 100% fake, signature and all.

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Guest icemanblue

i'm not a scouser

i'm a geordie

and was given the shirt from a cousin who won it as a prize

he is also a geordie


Well, surely you can just give it to me then. I'm a geordie too.

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