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Guest firetotheworks

Tbf, it depends whether it's grilled or fried. I don't really like bacon fried like. Love every inch grilled though.

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:lol: :lol: :lol:


CANNOT be f***ing serious man. Howayyyyy.



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A  young mother is furious after Facebook banned photos of her son born with a severe birth defect.


Grayson James Walker lived just eight hours after he was born on Feb. 15. He had anencephaly, a fatal condition in which a baby is born without parts of the brain and skull.


Heather Walker recently posted photos of Grayson without his hat on, igniting an apparent firestorm by doing so.


“Not long after, Facebook deleted them because of the content,”

“They allow people to post almost nude pictures of themselves, profanity, and so many other things but I’m not allowed to share a picture of God’s beautiful creation.”

To protest Facebook’s actions, Walker and her friends re-posted the photos — earning Walker a 24-hour ban from the site.

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Couldn't help but have another look at Tommy Pickering's latest rants:


"colin murray. sports presenter on talk shit, should talk about football, but all he does is sing and laugh, i hate him wished he was dead"


"this fin weather i hate it and the dog does, it should rain then turn 2 snow,how anybody likes this weather is not english. they must b muslims"


What a guy

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