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On every thread the page keeps getting stuck after about 3 replies and it won't let me scroll down anymore even though I know for a fact there are more replies.



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Guest Howaythetoon

I didn't, I've done nowt. One minute reading away, the next some errors where my avatar is. No posts. I'll not even be able to read this. I think we're being hacked. I've certainly done nowt.

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Hi lads,


Am finding am unable to get into any threads. If I click on any of the forums am getting:


8: Undefined index: display_quick_mod

File: /var/www/virtual/newcastle-online.com/html/nufcforum/Themes/classic/MessageIndex.template.php (eval?)

Line: 176


And only seeing one sticky. Have only got on this time by clicking onto the link for last post in this forum. Have even tried a system restore, but still the same.


Please reply by pm or mail, ([email protected]), just in case I can't get back to this thread. lol





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