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Former Scotland striker Kevin Kyle has been given 120 hours community service for brawling in a Stranraer street after a win for his national team.


The 25-year-old Coventry City player threw several punches at his victim then swore at police officers as they approached to investigate.


He had been out celebrating Scotland's win over France last October.


Kyle was convicted of two breaches of the peace after a trial at Stranraer Sheriff Court last month.


Sheriff James Smith ordered him to carry out the community service after dismissing a claim from his lawyer that a fine would be more appropriate.


This isn't the first time this has happened the last time saw you get a £500 fine and now it's happened again Sheriff James Smith


The footballer's defence counsel, Paul Feeney, said the inquiry report was very encouraging and showed a very low risk of reoffending.


However, the sheriff said a financial penalty would have little impact on Kyle who earns £410,000 a year.


It is his third conviction in the past three years.


The father-of-two was fined £500 in 2004 after fighting in Stranraer, and banned from the road for six months in February this year after being convicted of careless driving.


Sheriff Smith said: "This isn't the first time this has happened the last time saw you get a £500 fine and now it's happened again.


"I take the view that a fine wouldn't be more appropriate.


"I will sentence you to 120 hours community service."


Kyle had denied these latest charges, claiming instead the matter had been cooked up as a revenge mission by a disgruntled police officer who had broken up with the footballer's cousin.


Sheriff Smith dismissed that claim as preposterous.


Outside court, the former Sunderland striker, who lives in Nuneaton, Warwickshire, denied he was a "bad boy footballer", saying he was also planning to appeal against the sentence.


Kyle said his latest conviction would deter him from coming back to Stranraer.


He said he was hoping to play for Coventry this weekend and was also hoping to make a comeback at some point for the Scottish national team.

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