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Need some help on Windows Media Player going cranky


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Hello guys, my WMP seems to hav egone cranky so if there are any experts out there who can help out, I'd appreciate it. I know I can post the question on a computer/software forum but nobody seems to reply on those forums


Previously when I click on any video file links, it will automatically open my WMP and play the file but now all I get is this error message:


"Windows Media Player cannot play the file. If the file is located on the Internet, connect to the Internet. If the file is located a removable storage card, insert the storage card."


I'm obviously connected to the net coz I'm surfing the forum and all.


I also cant seem to view video files on websites such as metacafe.com coz the file never downloads. The only files that I can view are those that I have saved on my hardisk, but I cant view those that are straight off websites.


I'm half thinking of reinstalling WMP on my computer, is that a good idea? If so where can I get the WMP software?


Appreciate any help, many thanks

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Guest Snoopy

Could you not go onto the Microsoft site and download a new version of Media Player? I did that the other day and it helped all my problems :)

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