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I didn't mean to start an argument, was just a comment. Whenever I see it they seem to spend a lot of time on the deck simply brawling. That doesn't appeal to me.


UFC officials have been forcing them to stand up a lot of the time, if nothing is becoming of the ground game. 

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Anyone watch UFC 81???




Seriously, I always liked Brock Lesnar from his WWE days and he is an absloute beast, so ferocious, he nearly pummled Frank Mir to death and once he works on defending against submissions he will undoutedly become UFC heavyweight champ over the next couple of years.

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Biggest fight in UFC history


THE UFC today confirmed Randy Couture will make his Octagon return against Brock Lesnar at UFC 91, as SunSport previously revealed.

Heavyweight champion Couture, 45, resolved his 11-month legal battle with Zuffa – the UFC’s parent company - and penned a new, three-fight contract with the promotion.


He will face former WWE star Lesnar, 31, at the MGM Grand Arena in Las Vegas in what UFC president Dana White says will be “the biggest fight in MMA history”.


The bout will be waged over five rounds and will see Lesnar challenge for Couture’s championship title belt in only his third UFC bout.


White said: “I can tell you this right now ... Couture vs Lesnar will be the biggest fight in UFC history.


“As you all know, we’ve had problems with Randy over the last few months, but we’ve got them all worked out now. Randy has always been our heavyweight champion.”


A previously announced clash between interim heavyweight champion Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Frank Mir, scheduled for December, will determine the next contender for the UFC heavyweight crown.


Both fighters can currently be seen coaching teams of MMA wannabes in The Ultimate Fighter 8, and will fight each other for the interim gold.


The victor will then face the winner of the Lesnar vs Couture fight to determine who is the undisputed UFC heavyweight champion.


White added: “The winner of the Brock-Randy fight will be the heavyweight champion of the UFC.


“Obviously, the reality show is already in motion and Frank Mir and Antonio Nogueira are already scheduled to fight.


"They’ll fight for the interim title and then it will be Champion vs Champion when this thing’s all done. So it’s a pretty interesting little tournament.”


Couture confirmed he has settled his dispute with White and Zuffa and was raring to get back inside the cage.


He said: “”We cleared the air and addressed a lot of the issues, we’re both in a different place, and both the company and myself are trying to move forward.


“I think we understand each other and I certainly would much rather fight in the Octagon than anywhere else.


“Spending the last year in legal fights is not someplace where I’ve had a very good time. At 45, I can’t sit around in court rooms for very long – I want to fight.”


Under the new agreement, the UFC will also attempt to lock down a bout between Couture and No1 ranked heavyweight Fedor Emelianenko in 2009.


The highly anticipated bout has been heralded as the fight of the decade.


White added: “We’re going to do everything we can to make that fight happen.


"Emelianenko’s under contract right now to another promotion and if he becomes available or something works out with that other promotion - obviously everybody knows how crazy we are about protecting our contracts. Well, we would never do that to somebody else."


The Russian ace is believed to have signed a multi-fight deal with UFC rival Affliction, but White ruled out any hope of a co-promotion bout.


But Couture admitted he was pleased to have resolved the matter and was at pains to point out the relationship between him and the UFC had been smoothed over.


He added: “I think a lot of compromises were made on both sides but we’re both ready to try and move forward.


“We’ve cleared the air and we’re both in different places than we were a year ago. Spending the last year in legal fights is not some place that I've had a very good time.”




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Couture will win that one pretty easy like, he's past his best but still much too smart a fighter for the gung-ho Lesnar to have any chance.


GSP vs B.J Penn is the fight to be excited about.


Lesnar will batter him.


Anyone see his last fight (I think) when he came out with the big right hook? :lol:

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I think Couture has way too much experience for Lesnar and expect him to win although I wouldn't be surprised if Lesnar pulled it off. Nogueira will beat either of them though imo.


Fedor would destroy (and already has Nogueira) anyone in this 'tournament' though, UFC needs to sign him!

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Fancy a tenner on it?


Go on then.


I would also like to bet on Brock.  And im not one of these wwe just started watching UFC people.  I watched it from 1 past pride and to were we are now and in my view brocks pure takedown power is going to destroy randy. :(

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Guest Geordie Boyo

I didn't mean to start an argument, was just a comment. Whenever I see it they seem to spend a lot of time on the deck simply brawling. That doesn't appeal to me.


Dave, do you ever see two blokes in the street on their feet taking turns in 'bopping' each other like you do in boxing?



When it comes to self-defence, not only is mixed martial arts very effective if you were attacked, but it's expressing the form of fighting in the most realistic way you're going to see in terms of it being a sport.



Brazilian Jujitsu involves over 100 techniques, which a lot of people tend to see as just rolling around & cuddling each other. It's combined with Greco Wrestling, judo & Thai clinches. Boxing & Thai boxing or vale tudo are forms of fighting that also are used within the cage/ring. Each martial art/form of fighting is combined to defend yourself in every way possible. I guess only knowledge would be the key to people getting more out of going to see MMA events and they'd learn to appreciate what these guys do more. A lot of people go because it's classed as blood thirsty CAGE fighting by some fickle journalists, so they expect nothing, but a bare knuckle stand-up war. It's great when you get that, but it's also great when you understand more about what's happening when the fight does go to the ground too.


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