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Today I bought an item off Ebay. It was an old school dance track that I actually own myself on vinyl, but because it was selling for a lot less than it's worth (paid 99p, bought my own copy for £20) I decided to buy it for my mate, it was a buy it now item.


In the last week I have used all my funds on paypal, I am expecting to be verified anyday now, so I chose to pay via cheque.


Anyway about 5 hours after I had bought the item I received a message, someone telling me that I shouldn't have bought that item as it had been put up for sale for them.


I then recieved a message off the seller an hour or so later saying that they couldn't sell me the item as I had jumped in unexpectedly when they were trying to alter there listing.


I am not that bothered about the item but the whole situation has angered me.


If a deal had been struck between 2 people then why didn't they just sort it out using paypal and not ebay ? Surely it's a risky way listing it as buy it now on the worlds largest auction website ?


Any suggestions on what I should do ?

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