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Board guidelines - PLEASE READ FIRST


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Below is a brief list of rules which MUST be followed at all times when using the forum:


Totally Unacceptable


Pornographic material

Personal abuse of other posters

Ticket touting


Breaches of the terms and conditions already in place when you register on the board.




Duplicate threads - Before you start a thread, please use the forum's search facility to make sure the content of your post is not already covered in another thread.


Correct forum -Please try to esure you post any new threads you start in the correct forum. If you're not sure where you're thread should go, check with a moderator.


Text Speak - Please refrain from using text speak on the board at all times.


One Liners - When starting a thread, please refrain from using one liners. If you're posting an article or image from another website, please include a link to the source. Also, when posting an article or image, try to stick a few lines underneath to start up the discussion.


Anonymous Sourcing - As said above; please don't do this. If you copy and paste from a source, please provide a link. Please don't copy and paste from subscription sites, you might get us in trouble.


Headline spin - Please try and make thread titles as descriptive as possible of the thread's actual content.


Links to illegal downloads/Internet streems/bittorent sites - Can we avoid this please; such things could potentially land the site in trouble, and, in a worst case scenario, result in the forum being closed down. If you feel the need to request, share, or discuss links to piracy; including cracks, movie/game downloads or copyrighted audio, then please do so elsewhere.


Posting 'pointless' threads - Please don't spam the NUFC Forum with pointless threads, which contribute absolutely nothing to the forum whatsoever, or are started with the specific purpose of winding other users up. Continuous breaking of this rule can and will result in a restriction of access rights, which will prevent you from being able to start topics in future.


See the link below for further information on this rule:




Ban Procedure


If you ignore the major forum rules, you will have one of the following happen:


Temporary ban

Full Ban

Temporary post ban


If you ignore the guidelines, the procedure should be as follows; however, these can be followed in whatever order the moderator dealing with the situation decides:


Member is pointed at the direction of the rules

Member is given an official warning

Posts are moderated before being posted

User cannot make any posts at all not, even moderated posts

Poster is banned (whether this is temporary or full is at the discretion of the moderator(s).)


If you do not agree with whatever procedure may have been handed out, please take it up in private with the mods concerned, or other mods on the board. If you do wish to bring it up in public, please keep it to the feedback board.


What to expect from the mods


Rules are now set-aside for moderators as well:


New users will be pointed to these guidelines if the need arises.

You, yourself, will be given a reason why you have had a temporary or full ban implemented, or why posts have been deleted.

All edits by mods need not be explained.

All locked posts should include details of why they have been locked. Same goes for moved posts.


We have the right to amend these rules any time. I hope these guidelines make the forums a more enjoyable place to use.






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