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I've seen it once, but I didn't realise it's the same people standing at the boxes all the time.  I take it when one gets a turn, they're out of the show? 


Yeah. I think today was Lucy's 50th show just being with a box.

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The longest running contestant on the show to date is Lucy, who has been on 49 shows and counting as of March 29, 2006, first appearing on February 1, 2006 replacing contestant Mumtaz.


Usually, contestants are on for approximately 15-25 shows (with the average tending toward 22 shows)- it was initially said that each day's player was selected at random, though the producers have denied ever making this claim, and it may have originated from the Channel 4 press office rather than the producers. The flashing up of names on the board at the start of the show gives the impression of "randomness" but in practice, the order of playing contestants appears to be decided in advance by the production team - there is no particular pattern but recent speculation suggests that the 'bigger' characters are often chosen for the prime time Saturday shows. In addition, the player's family members are often in the audience on their relation's show (though this is not always the case, and several players have had relatives in the audience for other shows but not their own).



On March 29, 2006, Aaron became the first player to elimate five blue numbers in the first round. He also recieved the highest starting offer the show has ever seen at a massive £15,000. In the second round, he eliminated two blues and one red, and was offered the highest amount ever for a second round, £30,000. He 'No Dealed' and went on to win just £25,000, dealing after the fourth offer from the Banker.

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