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dvd decoder

Belfast Boy

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My laptop is just back from dell having had the motherboard replaced. Now when I try to play dvd's it says

"Windows Media Player cannot play the DVD because a compatible DVD decoder is not installed on your computer."

Is there somewhere I can download this from or would I be better using a whole new program for viewing dvd's / listening to mp3's on my laptop. I am looking for free software, it used to work fine before the laptop died.

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Guest j.smith1981

I'd personally go for a software from www.download.com and search for DVD players basically.


Their pritty good at things like that because people review things on there and give you some assurity in what their good for and not good for etc plus user ratings is what I prioritise in.


I could get you by some means InterVideo but thats a commercial program that I got a friend to crack and I use it now as full version haha.


Hope you get one soon



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