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Help - Mouse won't charge?!


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Anyone else got a Logitech MX700 optical mouse on their PC? I've got one with a very temperamental charging cradle, which simply won't connect properly, meaning the mouse is nigh on dead - :wullie:  and I'm having to use a very annoying cheapo mouse I got free with a laptop case.


Suppose I could just use normal batteries as a temporary fix, but anyone able to help identify the problem or better still a fix please let me know!



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Mine isn't Logitech but it did the same thing, the cradle won't charge any more. I just use Ni-MH rechargable ones now. Buy this: http://www.directfoto.co.uk/productdetails.asp?categories_ID=629&products_ID=629&state_sessionid=vwtogwdluzwijtjnsgnnvviwrwpcdcgdfwkpkufsqrjixpnesl


Yep. Good idea mate - I'll pick something up at the shops tomorrow, I work from home at lot so this is having a bad effect on productivity - not as bad an effect as me arseing around on NO all the time, but...


Anyway, muchos gracias!  :thup:


Try feeding it some cheese.



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