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6V Adaptor


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Woke up this morning to find my freeview box light off, went to check it switching it on and off, the wire is the main plug socket to the 6V which plugs into the freeview box. I assumed the fuse had blown inside it, since it was one of the new ones i wasn't unable to change the fuse. Later i went into curries to buy one of the adaptors where you can change from 3v 4v 5v 6v etc. However it came to no use i could only get the sound but notpicture plus i couldn't switch on the freeview box via my remote. I tried ordering one from Argos of the but they said i was unable to order one directly.


Any suggestions, just occurred to me how boring it is with just terrestrail tele have to go downstairs to watch the french open!!



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