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Operating system


Which one and why?  

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  1. 1. Which one and why?

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I think it's about time to format my computer, sick of the blue screen and slowing down and restarting etc... I've tryed reading as much as i can about formatting and i've come across a couple of articles explaining how linux doesn't have problems and windows having alot.

I'm shite when it comes to all the technology mumbo jumbo so i'm sure some of you techys will be able to point us in the right direction of which OS to install when i format :)

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If you want to play games, you'll need WinXP. It's the only thing keeping me on it.


If you just want stability, security and freeness, then get the newest Ubuntu distrobution, the reviews have been universally favourable. There is alternative (and free) software available for just about every application you'll need which are usually as good as you need (and some offer extra features) and Ubuntu makes finding these easy, with an online catalogue (or something along those lines).


It's generally set up to be as user friendly as it could be, surpassing windows in some respects.



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"...articles explaining how linux doesn't have problems and windows having alot."


It's nonsense, Linux does have problems and that includes with security. With Windows you don't need much knowledge to operate it, with Linux you do and will spend most of your time on linux forums asking questions, with people responding RTFM (read the f manual), you read the manual and find it technical and not very clear.


The best thing to do is try it out and see, download a Linux live CD such as Knoppix, which allows you to run the operating system from the CD without committing yourself to it with a format and setting up of partitions.



Considering you said :"I'm shite when it comes to all the technology", I'd stay away from it.


I use FreeBSD which is not too bad in terms of finding programs you want to install and updating them, and is supposed to be secure. But you'd be scared to death if you jumped straight to it, as soon as the installation completes you boot to a black screen like DoS asking for login information, you login and are left with a command prompt like $.


You have to install the Graphical Window login and Graphical Window manager (so you can use icons, use your mouse etc) yourself.


Use Linux if you are prepared to learn and spend time reading the manual, it still crashes by the way, you solve most problems by editing configuration files manually.



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