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Austria Training Camp

Mr Logic

Who is going to get the best photo?  

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  1. 1. Who is going to get the best photo?

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Mate that zit on the end of your nose is horrendous!  O0


I'm surprised Owen didn't charge you for that photo, you can tell he from his face he was thinking about it.


Aye Emre looks confused, probably been told no one lives around here, middle of nowhere, no fans etc, then this great big camera happy loon has captured him before he puts two feet on the ground!


Quality pics though, good job.

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Dear James,


thanks a lot for that!


I've just returned from Stegersbach. Unfortunately I came to watch the training session in the morning (by the way it was raining heavily). In the afternoon the suqad was in the gym as far as I know. I did a photo with David Rozenhal, who speaks german quite well. He seems a decent lad, hopefully he will do well in the defence. Big Sam was in the bar area - but he was just relaxing, no alcohol or whatsoever. I asked the waitress about something interesting regarding the players - no "big" news as expected - just that they are not allowed to drink alcohol during the day (at the bar). Furthermore she told me that the team has no fixed "lunch/dinner" times, they change from day to day.


The hotel is really nice - I decided to stay there from Sunday to Monday.


I've met LucasUnger and his girlfriend. He's a nice lad, mad as me about the toon - he stays at the hotel till Friday, expect some great news/pictures from him as well.


I'll upload my pic with David Rozenhal later...




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Guest LucasUnger

enjoyin my time here  :celb:


took some pictures of the players. i've been in the pool with owen, dyer, joey barton, and baba. talked to michael owen for a few secs. then they all had to stay 6 minutes in an ice cold small pool (0 °!!!!) should have seen MO JB KD and baba. they were nearly :'( cos it was so cold. had a good laugh.

talked to emre.

rozenhal is a quite nice guy., can speak some bits of german (maybe for dortmund ;) ) he's a bit thin but tall (picture)

compare butt and rozehnal.

so heard a few scouts talkin something of a striker but couldn't hear a name. sorry.

what else kieron did somethin on a bike for 18 mins, not interesting but i heard that ;)

that's all for the first 5 hours.


i'll try to upload the ´pictures now.


cu later


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Guest LucasUnger
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Guest LucasUnger

owen will be in toon next season  :razz:


well acually they are all in a very good mood.

zog and oba aswell.


joey barton is near my room and he just asked one of the trainers if he should go in the shower or in the bath??? how old are u mate??


havin my dinner now.


news later on.


yours sincerly


lucas"a.oliver" unger

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Awesome pics. Emre doesn't look like he likes people taking pictures of him though.


If you get a chance to speak to Zoggy/Martins, make sure to report back what they say. Very interested.



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Guest LucasUnger

emre actually did like it. (think so) talked to him and told him that we are the austrian mags and some stuff, said something like: cool do you come to newcastle to watch games... far away  and bla bla bla.....

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As I told you ... expect some great pics from Lucas ... I am sure there are more to come...


I only have 3 new pics for you ...



(David Rozenhal)



(Shola looking for the others)



("Stegersbach" stadium)

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Guest eyeball_tickler

it used to be like this every training session in the keegan days. i doubt it'll ever be as friendly/relaxed as it was then.

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