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  1. Honestly don't know what happened. The left in this country used to be the ones dragging the factory owner out into the street and caving his head in with a pick-axe.
  2. YankeeToon

    Your pet hates

    I piss through the hole, but I just leave them unbuttoned all the time.
  3. Yeah, it's pretty fucking grim. I've been trying to tell my liberal friends for years that this is coming and the right can't be the only ones with guns when it starts, but the "violence is never acceptable" bullshit wins out every time.
  4. Honestly I don't see any viable situation where Biden takes the inaugural oath in January. I also don't see one where he takes it, period, without massive bloodshed in the streets.
  5. Sure, but then that'll just be justification to send in troops to suppress the "Antifa coup attempt."
  6. Even worse. It was 10 months before the election. But that was different because the Senate and the White House were different parties so solemn duty blah blah hypocrisy.
  7. I predicted she'd be dead of 'natural causes' by October. Now he can select a justice to guarantee a win in the inevitable court case to decide the Presidency.
  8. Here's how it's gonna go. Election night - Trump will declare victory, regardless of what the vote projections say. If vote projections show him winning, the argument will immediately begin that the mail-in ballots are fraudulent and shouldn't be counted. If vote projections show him losing, the argument will be that the media is complicit in an attempt to steal the election. The days after - As mail-in results are tabulated, if he is still winning, then the story will become that, despite the Democrats' efforts to steal the election, the 'real Americans' prevented it. If the mail-in results are for Biden, then the election fraud narrative will continue and he will refuse to accept the results. The weeks after - He will announce that they have evidence of a wide-spread, coordinated attempt at mass voter fraud by the Democrats and issue orders for the arrests of prominent members - Pelosi, Schumer, etc. Probably Hillary and Obama too. Might even go as far as all sitting Democrats in Congress. The months after - Protests will, of course, erupt all over. Massive deployment of federal troops in response. He will announce the formation of 'Civilian Enforcement Groups' authorized to assist in suppressing the 'Antifa coup attempt.' Carte blanche for right-wing militias to begin killing protesters.
  9. YankeeToon


    Finally took the step to delete this off all my devices. Leaving the account active for Messenger since it's mostly how I talk to my sister and mom, but going to go at least a week without it and re-evaluate whether it brings anything good to my life.
  10. Also WE DID IT!!!! 200,000 dead!!! U-S-A! U-S-A! Fuck this fucking country.
  11. I'm a union man to the bone, but some of the actions by certain police unions have been appalling. The idea that making police liable for their own actions is bad, that it will force people away from the profession, will force police to be more timid... Nah, fuck off with that shite. Police unions aren't real unions, it's ok to say fuck them.
  12. Ooo, less than 150 to go before the US hits the big 200k death mark! Can we pull it off by the end of the day?
  13. I will guarantee this forced sterilization thing is a directive and isn't just some rogue ICE unit. Who knows if it's provable, though.
  14. Principal of the school my (72yr old) mom teaches at tested positive. The reaction: ignore it and keep everything running the same. Georgia, if anyone was curious.
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