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  2. Thought it looked fun as well, but I've never watched.
  3. You certainly wouldn't catch the Tories doing it.
  4. It's just the blue tinted glasses though isn't it. Some of them will be fine with it I'm sure but he could be the most successful ever manager and it wouldn't matter to many as he was in charge of Liverpool.
  5. I'm not either tbf but he seems affable enough and it's nice to see a food show with something a bit different about it.
  6. Would they not want Klopp too? It’s just weird. It’s not like Benitez is a born and bred Liverpool fan, he’s just doing his job.
  7. AyeDubbleYoo


    It'll be fine, most people don't experience anything at all.
  8. Got my interview for the Spurs job this afternoon, wish me luck.
  9. I don't understand why Spurs haven't had a look at Potter. He seems to be exactly what they're looking for.
  10. true, I do get it. It’s trashing him as a manager and his achievements that baffles me. Back the man and he’s a winner
  11. Matt


    Jab the non-throwing arm
  12. Don't think it's particularly those on the left at all.
  13. Spurs are getting through the same stage we did after Rafa left, Brucie was what number 10 on the list after big Sam Mark Hughes etc.Theyll have to come looking at Bruce soon with all the praise he gets from pundits
  14. He's off to Nice, it's why he resigned in the first place.
  15. The Lib Dems party line is support for ambitious housebuilding and are pro-HS2 but basically deliberately campaigned on a diametrically opposing NIMBY ticket because they knew it would be a potential vote winner in this case. Just shows another example of UK political parties, particularly those broadly on the left, not standing for anything in particular and just going with whatever populist agenda will get them a minor victory.
  16. Fair point, he's almost gone the anti-Martin route where he gets you to root for characters then immediately kills them off
  17. Middle of next week for CAT update on their website. Edit. Going from their response times to other ongoing cases.
  18. Yeah, I hope this is used as a case study in future campaigns elsewhere - but I somehow doubt it because of the immensely strong undercurrent of careerism within politics.
  19. bobbydazzla

    Your Pet Hates

    I roll a lacrosse ball across my back every morning and night to try and keep the muscles relaxed and stop me getting hassles, but even that regime can't seem to prevent the crick of doom
  20. And is that more acceptable? Fans of most clubs wouldn't want a manager who was in charge of their fiercest rivals.
  21. Whatever the reason it's an example that tactical voting can work in these sorts of places. The numbers are pretty significant. That's a good thing and hopefully opens the door to more local cooperation.
  22. My bacon is always grilled and cooked perfectly I'll have you know.
  23. 54


    Got my first jab tomorrow morning, then got Cricket in the afternoon, should be interesting
  24. How’s no-one seemingly looking at Galtier? Thought he’d be talked about for all these vacancies after leaving Lille. Not heard a peep.
  25. I am so sad we didn't get to witness Gattuso managing in the PL.
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