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  2. The Man United forum is just astonishing ... I can't look away. They are now claiming we are finding it so hard to get a new director of football, and have been rejected by Freedman, because of how we've treated Dan Ashworth and used the press against him! They've actually somehow made themselves victims in all of this. I cannot wait for this arbitration case man
  3. Kompany has the making of a top manager. Of course predicted managerial stints and success is a fools game, but I hope he gets the gig and does well.
  4. King Eddie is so beautiful. And then you think of Ratty Dan trying to put Eddie in the dirt over his own stupid decisions in trying to leave for Manure. The contrast in their characters couldn’t be more clear.
  5. With Lascelles out until Christmas and Trippier looking far less assured of his place, this would be a great time to change it
  6. greydos

    Mark Gillespie

    I wholeheartedly agree with your main point, but who the hell is Isaac?
  7. The gardener just hates doing work obviously. Seems like this has all been an elaborate ploy to get out of work for another six months plus
  8. Blinded by the stadium of light, Seats covered in a deuce, another seagull facing plight.
  9. It's a very dangerous move for him for sure, because the Bayern leadership are absolutely mental. A team like Brighton would be more of the kind of move he should make next, but we'll see what happens I guess.
  10. Class reading their forum and seeing the meltdown starting to escalate. It's going to be epic when Ashworth loses his arbitration (or they pay up prior).
  11. ...and Ashworth's is called Stealin Dan.
  12. Think that's been obvious for a while. Contract up next season so they either have to extend it and properly back him or get rid of him now. The players have certainly been playing like they know he's away
  13. He'll crash at burn like Moyes at Man U, or Potter at Chelsea. Probably get a similar amount of time as them to do it too...
  14. Don’t tell me adidas have to use that boring ass template. I mean not sure I’d like a black in white version of that but it’s different and unique
  15. Having been turned down by just about every experienced manager with a shred of self respect, they've seemingly decided to try and find their own version of an Alonso. As far as Kompany goes, I actually rate him. His Burnley side were brilliant in the Championship, when the players he had were of a similar standard to the other teams in the league. The players were well short of Premier league standard though, especially for how he wanted to play. Giving him a team of top quality players is going to be really interesting. We'll definitely find out for certain what he's made of.
  16. The definition of official is: A.1.174. “Official” means: (a) any director, employee or representative of a Club, excluding any Player, Intermediary or auditor; and (b) any employee of any Associated Undertaking, Fellow Subsidiary Undertaking, Group Undertaking or Parent Undertaking of that Club who spends (or is to spend) at least 50% of their annual working time undertaking activity for or on behalf of the Club; So it covers pretty much all staff apart from players. The tapping up rules for players are covered sepperately in section T, they've probably just stuck it in J as well for clarity.
  17. Why have that when you can have Wio tripping over his own tongue?
  18. They can't afford to sack him til 1 July shirley
  19. Obviously there’s no shortage of false loyalty or dirty underhanded shite in football to better your position/salary. But this guy has well and truly flushed his good reputation down the toilet.
  20. I’d snap their hand off for 20 mil if I’m Burnley.
  21. Burnley not being “difficult” about it?
  22. Personally think Horncastle can be a bit holier-than-thou and his Lord Farquaad trim looks fucking ridiculous but why broadcasters don't have journalists like him, Julian Laurens et al on as pundits who actually know what they're talking about regarding European teams more often is beyond me.
  23. Meanwhile Man Utd are offering £2 million for 'best in class' Dan Ashworth.
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