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  2. SweMag

    Takeover Thread

    Amazing how you keep posting his tweets
  3. Hmm. Didn't realise Jenas was actually hosting on BTSport. Ominous.
  4. Tune in tomorrow night to find out.
  5. You Scots sure are a contentious people.
  6. They can have their sad little victory, celebrate it on their sad little island, in their grim poverty and boiling hatred. Whilst the rich rinse them of their money. It'll not last. Change will come, it always does, and these sad little people will be forgotten once again in the name of fucking progress. The British establishment is rotten to its core, vote for anyone that goes against it. Fuck Labour too by the way, what have they had to say? Nothing as usual. Vote SNP, vote Plaid, vote Sinn Fein or SDLP, vote for anything that pushes us away from the establishment. Don't kid yourself anymore
  7. Second one's looking decent.
  8. deejeck

    Steve Bruce

    "I really wish I'd had a second go at that buffet."
  9. Mint, instead of not being able to buy 500g of mince because it's stuck on a lorry, you can not be able to buy a pound of mince because it's stuck on a lorry.
  10. They know that. This feeds into the base in mackemland etc who loved the metric martr etc.
  11. The hard of thinking will see this as a victory.
  12. Like there’s not several million more important things to sort out first than bloody weights and measures?
  13. Ed210

    Steve Bruce

    Does he ever say something he has done isn’t good enough? Ever?
  14. The past was the worst, except in the UK.
  15. Bring back BL imo 🇬🇧
  16. I hate this sad little island.
  17. The bit about “manager, head coach, whatever I am…” is clearly him trying to distance himself from the hideous transfer window again. He’s an absolute coward and a snake. Hope Leeds smash us.
  18. LV

    Steve Bruce

    Sounds like he’s half pissed Also implicitly blaming the fans again for unrealistic expectations. He knows what he’s doing with the media.
  19. Rangers look a good side with average players, cracking goal by Lyon tho
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