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  2. Gotta admit we’ve gone off the boil lately and had an opportunity to strengthen for a push for a champions league place but didn’t take it. Gain that CL place makes us attractive to elite players, sign those players then success follows. Being conservative, being afraid of FFP implications may cost us in the long run.
  3. We can win the league
  4. Did we? The idea of an ‘FFP budget’ has never made any sense and it still doesn’t. And it’s a failure because our midfield is worse than it was 2 windows ago despite us obviously trying to strengthen it. I’m not sure how we can glam it up tbh? Our quest to improve our midfield has demonstrably failed
  5. I think with what we’ve been blessed with so far we should give management the benefit of the doubt when it comes to recruitment, we don’t know better. No signing would have guaranteed top 4.
  6. Gained a point on Arsenal and Man City. 😬
  7. Why the fuck do Sky absolutely love Spurs so much?
  8. Also saw from 80 but Man City were really frustrating to watch there when you want them to score - so wasteful.
  9. You wouldn't think Spurs were still behind us having played a game more! There will be twists and turns from now until May. As for us not getting a better opportunity to finish top 4 than this season, we absolutely will. Many times.
  10. Can't remember Man City looking as toothless as that.
  11. Grealish cheated out of a free kick based purely on his rep, the daft cunt
  12. Is de Bruyne finished? Looks slow and clunky.
  13. Never thought a Spurs result would trigger mass hysteria on here
  14. A mediocre window has cost us here. Won’t be another opportunity like this for a while, unfortunately. We’ll finish 5th.
  15. Doesn't it just all boil down to us not expecting Shelvey to be sold? We were never likely to recruit our next 'proper' centre-midfielder in the last few days of this window; that's a really important signing to get right if we're going to sustain our position in the top places. So, in the absence of securing that target, we're looking at short term options. What sort of player are we going to attract to just fill-in for a few months? I can see why Howe might look at that sort of recruitment as a fairly unnecessary risk. Especially seeing as we haven't even had that extra midfielder available to us all season.
  16. Last two matches you'd have thought there would have been a decent chance to gain a fair bit on Spurs, but it's them who have actually gained 4 points on us. Palace (A), West Ham (H), 2 points Fulham (A), Man City (H), 6 points
  17. Lloris just allowed to fly into people cos he is a goalkeeper.
  18. We will win the cup and finish 3rd
  19. All good. Just fully caught up with today's shenanigans
  20. Man City have been shite as well, wish they were this bad against us.
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