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  2. I'm vehemently against any sort of electronic music but this is really fucking good and I extra love the idea of this "Boiler Room" - which I assume is some like weekly, long running institution? Really cool concept. I'd love to see some sort of punk or country version of this but I fear it might only work with electronic music.
  3. Twitter is going to do my head in. ITKs. Sean Casey, in particular. (I really, really, really want him to be something other than a lying fool.) But the addiction continues. Hoping for 1) Signings 2) Arrest warrants.
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  5. I’m not following you. Surely a back three would be Schaar, Burn, and Botman with Trippier and Targett. Are you penciling in Lascelles?
  6. IF we were in for Gallagher and Ramos, we have to be getting 3 in before window end. We can't go with what we have and not get another winger.. can we? Not fully convinced by Gallagher but the likes of he, Harrison, CHO, Broja, Gordon and obviously Maddison would all be great additions that both improve us and can hit the ground running. Also all saleable assets. We will have to pay through the arse for that prem experience if that is what we want.
  7. McDog

    Nick Pope

    Yea, that may have prompted some of the game day "He's been bad" sort of comments. His clever tip to himself after not securing a deflection early on showed me the guy is pretty damn good.
  8. Ketsbaia

    Better Call Saul

    Just have the most recent episode left to watch (12) before this week's finale. Man, I absolutely despised episodes 10 and 11. Finding them so boring Just me?
  9. So someone to Brunos right and in time an upgrade on Joe ?
  10. Nah, I had been to the flicks so nipped into "Kicks" as it was closest. Watched the Forest game in the Sherlock last week though, was really canny. Would say there were about 30 Toon fans in for it and they had flags and stuff up. Will deffo be going back for a few games this season.
  11. Yesterday
  12. Further to my 23, I think a lot of it is down to needing a lot of time on my own (fortunately my job gives me that, I'm fairly sure if I had an office job my issues would be more pronounced, as it is my my time keeps them under control) and being a bit socially awkward which I've learnt to mask quite well (very humerous conversationally to make up for being unable to small talk, even saying a simple thing like happy birthday becomes awkward as to me , coming from me its trite and insincere but ok from everyone else). I find being with people tiring and the longer I'm with them the more "ragged" I become, online is great because I can just switch off and walk away, cant really do that with people in social settings. I get obsessed with things like music, if I hear a track I like I will listen to it 20, 30 times a day. I always thought everyone was like this, as I've got older I've realised they are but I'm like an exaggerated version, Girl 1 is even more of an exaggerated version and she has the meltdowns, the literal understanding of things and struggling with understanding social reactions most get at a subconcious level (facial expressions etc), shes also a bit of a savant.
  13. Yeah, I do think if we added a quality CM, RW and striker/winger type and then got reasonably lucky with injuries we could make some pretty decent waves this year.
  14. Liz Truss annexing CB power and pivoting from a target inflation % to nominal GDP is what you would do if you really liked the economic outlook in Venezuela. https://t.co/pCa7sqXZOD
  15. Conjo


    I'd be a bit angry as well if someone I was playing football against all of a sudden was going for a double leg takedown. Too bad for the little Brighton man that it was like Hornswaggle trying to take down Brock Lesnar, and he got put on his arse.
  16. Kanji

    Sven Botman

    Harsh to say this to Burn but I’d fancy Botman dealing with Man City over Burn any day of the week.
  17. Kanji

    Nick Pope

    He’s got a weird way of letting stuff bounce off his hands sometimes but he’s bloody incredible with his positioning.
  18. Kidding yourself if you don’t think the cm needs upgrading. Bruno can’t do it alone. We need another one who’s capable of unlocking defenses.
  19. Remember when Gillespie did one against Blackburn, was a cracker too, can;'t believe it wasn't given pre VAR. Keegan made him go and apologise to the referee. Thats the stuf.
  20. Seems they wanted an excuse to say Nick Pope as many times as they could, for some reason.
  21. Do you honestly think we just need to spend a load of money on players and we'll get there? If so, then maybe getting the bloke responsible for not signing anybody over £20 million was a wrong choice. Our training facilities were about ten years behind PL standard, they're still working on those improvements. Although Howe tried to downplay it, it's undeniable that the ongoing work will impact the process.
  22. Gallagher is absolutely quality, would be a steal at £40m given his age.
  23. Like Gordon at Everton?! Don't see that kind of character with him at all. Nah.
  24. Yes, agree 100%. He’s still the first one to replace.
  25. madras

    Matt Targett

    Given Trippiers performance today I could see an argument for going 3 at the back like Eddie likes to do at Chelsea. So Botman, Burn and Targett could start. Targett as wing back.
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