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  2. Worst thing they did was remove taxi missions. I could do that for fucking hours. Picking up a triad and dropping them off in mafia territory, they got shot to fuck as soon as they stepped out of the taxi lol.
  3. Fair enough. It was definitely down for a bit because people had pictures!
  4. There couldn't have been more time. Rafa's people approached NUFC and that approach is what led to McClaren being sacked. Without Rafa stating his interest, we'd likely have seen the season out with McClaren.
  5. The clear-and-obvious bullshit? I'm sure VAR is looking at everything even when there's no notification to the viewer.
  6. I'm delighted we continue to find new ways to fuck ourselves up the dick every season.
  7. Only thing that can top it is if/when VR becomes incredible .
  8. Jesus Christ get the fucking shot, we're so fucking close.
  9. O Neill


    Not necessarily. You could argue that the top 10 was more consistent around 2011 when Djokovic peaked with the likes of Nadal, Federer, Murray, Tsonga, Ferrer, Berdych etc But you have to factor in how significant the changes to the playing surfaces have been in creating that consistency. If you go back to around 2006 then the hard courts were much quicker, and therefore you had fewer players who were comfortable playing across the three surfaces. If you back to when Federer at his best between 2004-1007 then you'll find that more players were coming to the net to volley etc than you'll see no
  10. Has it? I’ve just used that link at it seemed to be ok.
  11. Mount is a much better option at ACM than Grealish, getting sick of that comparison. Wish he'd just play Foden on the left, where he has proven for Man City that he's better than Sterling in that position. Sancho is our only natural right attacking midfielder, no clue why he's not getting a look in.
  12. They really aren’t as good as they think they are
  13. But what’s the actual rule about when VAR should be used?
  14. McClaren should've gone after we lost 5-1 to a midtable Chelsea in mid February. We had 3 weeks until the next 2 matches; a quick double header of Stoke away and Bournemouth at home. Give Benitez those two games and there's 4 points. We stay up. Even still we'd have been far more solid in the games at Norwich and Southampton instead of the disjointed mess we were as Benitez had next to no time for those.
  15. He’s a great player but exemplifies what I feel is a common English attitude of picking hard-working model pros over anyone with a hint of maverick about them. Talent-wise he’s not close to Foden and Grealish, who have proven to be consistent club players also, so there’s no good reason he should occupy the attacking mid role over them. Furthermore, he seems to be impossible to sub let alone drop/rotate, much like Sterling and Rice, despite not justifying that at all with his performances. Almost forget with Southgate that we have 26 players.
  16. neesy111


    Djokovic easily.
  17. Rory ffs...just put a couple of decent rounds together man. He's the most frustrating golfer ever.
  18. Kane not doing much to entice clubs to meet his asking price He'll beat Shearer's record scoring against shite teams for the next 5-6 years
  19. That's a pen even before VAR, the amount of shite that defenders get away with has been too much.
  20. Kane fucked this long before the ref forgot his cards. Not sure what the metrics on 365 are but I had Alba, Pau and Laporte for daft passes against Sweden. For a full back Alba sees so much of the ball but Poland surely won’t be as deep.
  21. He was hopeless, but the entire system we're playing at the moment seems to stifle any creativity and discourage attacking at pace. I would certainly argue that Kane needs to be dropped, but the bigger priority is retooling how we're going to play with this squad of players.
  22. We got the kids through EE if you've got a phone with them. Keep checking the add accessories page and you can get one on 12 months interest free or just pay it off the following month. We got it back in November for £459 with an extra controller.
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