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    i see that they are hounding out their current manager again i thought only we did that?
  2. Cookie1892


    I've managed to get myself banned from RTG for three years after calling them out on their holier than thou stance over the takeover all of their claims that they would walk away, stop going, protest if it was them are quite frankly utter sh1t. have reservations, educate yourselves on what is happening in Saudi by all means but they absolutely would not walk away a lot of people miss the fact that the Arabs are working hand in hand with a company fronted by a western woman and a jewish family which historically they havent been the best of friends with.
  3. I just do a bit of swapping of coins everynow and then currently holding iotex vet babyflokibillionaire (dont ask) vethor also, anyone else get an email about newcastle tokens? Also what the hell is this ATH you keep talking about
  4. havent man city still got some of the cheapest tickets in the league? its a no brainer for me to cap them or sign another 10 year deal if they are aware like they say they are of the regions economy and working class people they will realise that this is a massive win for them and sponsorship with ARAMCO or whoever would more than make up any shortfall also, isnt matchday ticket revenue one of the lowest forms of income anyway?
  5. Is there a reason that SHIB wouldny reach 1 £/$? It seems such a tiny amount
  6. Does anyone actually use its name at all?? I say I’m going to “the ground” or the “match” depending on the context. I rarely say I’m away up to st James park love see you later etc etc
  7. thats what im thinking, are they all getting their briefs and stories ready etc
  8. Why are all the journos proper quiet and not tweeting anything?
  9. Reubens plane just landed at NCL also, anyone else gutted its not 3pm on a friday announcement haha
  10. are you saying im not a real fan for having a season ticket for 32 years and still going despite Ashley and the last 14 years? i dont think this is the right thread for that utter shite
  11. remember hairy hands has extensive links to the inner workings of the prem through his mate Hoffman so him saying this is canny big as he will know exactly whats happening
  12. holy shit it might be happening even Simon Jordan has said its going to be waved through
  13. here man, im in manchester looking out my office windows watching snipers on all the roofs protecting Boris and his cronies at their conference and this pops up. What a day Luke Edwards being positive is definitely a big shift in the wind direction man
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