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Might be worth a look...

ross magoo

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I've been watching Dundee Utd for almost 20 years and i've yet to see anybody as naturally gifted as this kid in a tangerine jersey.


He's an attacking midfielder with two very good feet and a first touch to kill for.


Very rough around the edges, his decision making could do with improvement at times but that can be coached into a player of his age.


He's only made a few appearances for us and is definetely one for the future - not an EPL player by any stretch of the imagination - yet.


It's not often that I whore our best players out to my favourite English team but this boy is special.


Have a look.  If he's not good enough then fair enough but I think he'll go far.

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21 years old, not really made any waves yet, 5ft 6, probably didnt develop quick enough, no thanks


Fair enough dude.


It would obviously be a long shot.


I just don't think it would be a bad idea for you lads to have him watched just to make sure you don't want to sign him.


Then again, I guess you could say that about a lot of players.

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