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The unofficial boycoutt thread.

Benwell Lad

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Ashley's a cunt, but he's dead - no that's Ashley from Corrie, the FCB is still alive and he's a cunt. Lambiarse is an even bigger cunt - someone should brick him, oh and his wife and kids too - and let's rape his dog as well - no make Ashley rape his dog while we watch - good idea. Cockney twat. Pardew's an even bigger cunt and a backstabbing one at that - and a cockney too - someone should burn down his house - and lets rape his wife too. Yeah good idea. Hughton's a cockney cunt too - no he's not he's one of us now - oh sorry thought he was Ashley's poodle - no stupid that was before - he's the new messiah - oh well that's ok - raped by those cockney cunts he was.

Lets protest  - good idea - a sit down protest outside the ground - no better still a stand up protest inside the gound - good idea lets do it before the match - no better do it during the match - inside and outside the ground standing on our heads that'll really show them - that'll show the cockney twats not to mess with us. Lets force him to sell the club - good idea who to ? Don't know but as long as its not another fat cockney bastard I really don't care. Lets hope the players dont bother trying against Liverpool - that'll show them - yeah lets get beaten 50-0 it'll be great - no lets hope they score a few own goals too just to really show them, the result is irrelevant any way because we're relegated already and they're selling all the players in January - to Spurs - cockney bastards. Anyway if we don't finish in the top half it'll be because of those backstabbing cockney cunts. Let's boycott Sports Direct - no better still lets have a sit down in Sports Direct - no better still lets boycott Northern Rock and thingy Telecom - oh and Noda taxis that'll really make them sit up and take notice. Boycott the pies and the beer at the match - but I don't go to the match - well just boycott it if you do - and I'm not renewing next season - but you dont have a season ticket - yeah but what I mean is I wouldn't be renewing if I had one - oh thats ok then. Lets get the media on board - and the students too - they're really good at protesting and they'd sympathise with us - Cameron's a cockney twat too - probably goes to the same casino - and Clegg are we gonna do his dog too - yeah lets - inside or outside the ground doesn't really matter. Has someone called Talksport - nah they're lying cockney bastards - well call 5 live then - and the Chronicle and get Winter and Caulkin on twitter too - that'll show them.  Has anyone contacted the Spanish air traffic controllers - they'll be on our side - yeah we could close down European aviation routes - that'll show them. What about throwing snowballs at Pardew while we're booing - nah make it rocks - better still we could get a sniper rifle into the East stand - actually I know a kid in Gateshead who's got a surface to air rocket launcher - that'll do it - that'll show the cockney batards they not welcome round here.

Oh shit my head's going to explode - quick get on the pitch and do it there that'll show the cockney bastards....

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Ashley's divorced.






i'd take one for the team personally, get up to all sorts of horrible shit and post it everywhere


She looks like she likes to be strangled when getting pumped.


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