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Gareth Barry's blatant kick at Joey Barton yesterday.

Benwell Lad

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Seen by thousands at SJP yesterday and clearly visible on MOTD but not seen by the referee or he'd have been red carded.

Surprisingly nothing mentioned on MOTD by City fan Dixon or dimwit Lawrenson and I suppose we can assume the FA wont be bothering because Barton was the victim rather than the culprit.

Are the Arabs bunging the BBC and FA ?

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Didn't see this.  Was it bad?


It was a blatant kick and that's bad enough to be a red.

Thousands saw it at the game and there was an angry reaction from the crowd quite obviously, been told it was clearly visible on screen in build up to 2nd goal on MOTD.

How different it would have been if Barton had kicked Barry off the ball.

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Yaya Toure on Tiote aswell.


saw that one, didn't see the one on barton.


Just re-ran MOTD - immediately after replay of 1st goal it cuts to Barry playing ball back to Lescott, Barton challenges and Barry kicks out - not as clear as at the match but crowd reaction is very clear.

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