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Your First Toon Game?


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Not sure if this thread has been done before, but it was inspired by Greatest Moment Supporting Newcastle thread.



Mine was against 1860 Munich 3-2 win. Intertoto Cup 2001/2002, Gallowgate Upper Tier, 7 years old.


Don't remember much of the game. All i remember is my dad queuing for Hot Dogs for most of the second half and then i dropped mine within 30 seconds of getting mine  :facepalm:


We got our first season tickets that season and we always brought sweets with us for half time, and we became quite popular around us for some reason.  :rolleyes:





When was your first game? And do you have any specific memories from it?

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Sheffield Wednesday away, 1999. I was 6.


We won either 2-0 or 2-1, and I remember my dad saying how purple I had turned when the players come out of the tunnel.


2-0, if that was the game Pav played for them.


My first game I think was a game against leeds when Thomas Brolin played against us.  Either that of the Ginola Ferencvaros game.  Could have also been the 4-0 Halmstads game too.  Fuck knows :lol:

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Loads of random memories from previous games but the first one I can remember properly was the 4-1 win against Luton (April 1988) with Kenny sitting on the ball. It was the most spectacular thing I'd ever seen at the time.  :blush:

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I'm not 100% sure and my dad can't remember either but I think it was:


29.08.1993 Blackburn Rovers home D1-1


I'm not sure why but I have a feeling it was Blackburn and it was 1-0 or 1-1 and this is the result from around the time it would've been which matches best. I got a load of NUFC gear for my birthday (June) as I was just getting into football then and my dad pounced on the opportunity.


All I remember is the noise was incredible (Leazes end) and that alone made me so excited/nervous I jumped up and down and squealed for ages. :lol:


Also I'd not long started wearing glasses and we forgot to take them so I couldn't see a thing. :lol:

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This is embarrassing but it's been done before.

Grimsby Town January 1964 won 4-0

Second game was Bury at home, we got beat 4-0. When you've seen Newcastle get beat 4-0 at home in the league by Bury, the last few seasons don't seem that bad.


Please someone come up with a game before this. Thanks.

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Real Mallorca, March 2004, UEFA Cup. 13 years old, SJH upper tier.


It was the day of the Madrid bombings and the game nearly got called off. We ended up winning 4-1.


I was queuing for a burger when their goal went in, walked back to my seat thinking "well this is shit". Four good goals later, and I lost my voice.

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Guest johnson293

My first match was Wimbeldon at Home, 20th feb 1988 (when I was 14) - FA Cup 5th rnd match....lost 1-3.


Highlight was Mirandinha booting Dave Beasant up the arse (can't remember why) as they left the pitch at FT!


Still, was hooked after that match.

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