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RIP Jack Charlton


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Just after the 1990 World Cup, he was signing his 'World Cup Diary' in Waterstones at Monument.

I queued up with my copy which was for my Dad - an Irishman.

When I got to the front he asked who to sign it to, so I said my Dad's name - which happened to also be the

name of the Daily Mirror's football correspondent at the time.

So Jack signed it with a personal message to my Dad who he assumed was this same football writer.

It said something like 'To the best writer I know, will see you soon, Jack.

Needless to say, my Dad was chuffed.

RIP Big Jack.

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Guest singintheastand

Used to watch Big Jack ranting when the team trained at Benwell, he was canny scary like. RIP

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8 hours ago, Inferior Acuña said:

I just watched the BBC doc. The last scene, where it’s him recently with dementia, listening to the Blaydon Races - and he realises suddenly, lifting his arms, then signing :'(<3


Was that Finding Jack or another one?

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It's such a good doc.


The bit with him meeting up with Bobby when they're both managing against each other in the FA Cup and he just pulls a load of rabbits and pheasants and stuff he's shot and hands them over to his brother like it's nothing [emoji38] 

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