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Still take five days to clear in the year 2006! :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:


Fucking two-bit, lazy-arsed wankers.


What makes it all the more comical is... it was a fucking Government cheque. 


Who's going to be the smart arse that tries to give a good justified reason for these people (slackers) taking so long?




Skint for NY! :wullie:

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Why does clearing take so long? With cheques, there is a physical transfer as well as an electronic exchange of funds. According to the Association of Payment Clearing Services, which operates the UK's clearing systems, paper transactions are processed in a three-day cycle. On day one, the cheque is processed and the information is passed electronically through a data exchange network. The next day, the cheque is delivered to a centre where banks exchange customers' cheques. On the third day, bank staff review the cheque presented for payment and make decisions about whether to pay or return it. Settlement between the members, for the net values of the cheques exchanged between them, takes place over their Bank of England settlement accounts on day three.


In total, nearly 12m cheques are written every day and about two-thirds pass through the inter-bank clearing. Given the volume of exchanges and the physical element of a paper transaction, this can never be an instantaneous process, so a two or three-day delay is understandable.

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Guest Invicta_Toon

I understand cheques, but electronic transfer!!


had this on my DD payment of rent, not only does it take 3 working days, they don't even count weekends! I mean, what the fuck? Does the computer go down the coast of a weekend?


So what with the different number of days in a month, plus weekends landing on different calendar days, it is impossible to pay someone on the 1st of the month, electronically!!!!1111


fucking retarded

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Cheques should be scrapped. And to be honest I think they will be within the next 10 years.


I agree, cheques are fucking gay! anything that makes you go to the bank and stand in their queues should be banned!

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