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  1. Everton fans boo a sub made by Benitez. Sub them scores. Everton fans cheer
  2. Where is all this abuse that he has received? Can't say I've seen anything other than people saying he's shit or he's fat - both of which are objectively true. He didn't have it easy under Ashley but he knew what he was signing up for and was obviously not up to the job in the first place. He has walked away with 8 million quid and the entire premier League queuing up to suck him off!
  3. Are people now using peddled in an ironic, tongue in cheek way?
  4. simonsays


    Just six fingers instead
  5. I wonder what his Geordie parents thought about him managing the mackems?
  6. If the Steve's all leave do we have any senior coaches left?
  7. Is this the reason they were so set on us then? Gives them the scope to spend whatever they want for the next couple of years without any issues with FFP?
  8. Unai Simon is great on pens
  9. Nuno! He wanks his dogs, Nuno!
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