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    Job stuff

    Really interesting project that. The company I work for won one of the contracts in a JV. Hoping I don't get dragged down there although I'm sure it would be amazing experience.
  2. jdm0301


    Although petrol engines may have caught up a little with diesel over recent years I think if you do a lot of miles (I've done 8500 since mid October) you can't go wrong with a diesel still. I got a Merc A-class CDI in mid October which costs around 70 quid to fill up, a tenner more than my old VW Fox, for 200-250 more miles per tank. I recently got it up to 80mpg on a trip back from Liverpool (when I wasn't rushing!).
  3. Had one the other week... On my year out placement at a construction firm, went out on my first site vist, wearing my skinny trousers not thinking I'd be doing much apart from walking around the sites. First site I go to down at Seaham, have to climb up some scaffold and my trousers rip from my knee to half way up my groin. Didnt think too much of it as it could be hidden. Then I came back down the scaffold and they split to literally the top of my fly. So spent the day walking around 6 or 7 building sites working our way back up to Newcastle meeting people I'd never met before with everything out, getting the occasional wolf whistle from the brickies etc. Certainly an icebreaker, but just wanted to die :'(
  4. jdm0301

    Your football

    Used to play for Prudhoe YC from u8's to u18's, but then went in to the adults league and I lost interest due to losing fitness/working on training nights and most weekends/having a girlfriend and not wanting to get kicked about by people twice my age and twice my size. Was pretty good from about 12-17, played on the left wing but lacked confidence (and was quite tall and stick thin so if I was caught I'd usually be pushed off). Havent played 11 a side 'til about the start of 2009, but used to play work 5-a-side which I loved but that's stopped now. Really want to get back in to playing whether it be full sided or small sided , miss it especially when watching my younger brother play. Need to get fit again first though.
  5. Such a t***. Haha, wouldn't expect anything less from reading the last few months.
  6. Bit of a long-time lurker, think I'm going to start posting due to long afternoons of boredom at work. REAL NAME: Jonathan AGE: 20 BIRTHPLACE: Hexham WHEREABOUTS: Prudhoe/Sunderland JOB: QS FAVOURITE CLUB: Newcastle United FAVOURITE BAND: Bombay Bicycle Club, White Lies, Chapel Club FAVOURITE FOOD: Thai, Indian FAVOURITE DRINK: Rekorderlig FAVOURITE PLACE: Newcastle FAVOURITE TV SHOW(S): Whatever the missus makes me watch... FAVOURITE FILM: Don't really have a favourite, will watch most. FOOTBALLING HEROES: Always loved Real Madrid as a kid, probably Ronaldo, Zidane etc. Loved Emre too. FOOTBALLING VILLAINS: Can't stand Tottenham and Liverpool, Suarez has added to that one. OTHER TEAMS: Keen on Real Madrid and Galatasaray. OTHER SPORTS: Will watch most, will play cricket at a push PLANS FOR THE FUTURE: Career wise become a Chartered QS. Will probably not post again now knowing me, but will try and get in to it.
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