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    Chris Wood

    When Keegan signed Kilcline in the season we nearly went down to the third division the man in the pub (equivalent of todays social media) thought this was proof that Keegan would never make a manager, he was the wrong appointment, that he’d been out of the game too long etc. The fact that Kilcline had always been a very solid, no frills centre half who none of the big clubs had ever fancied didnt prevent Keegan realising that due to our abysmal defensive record, and total inability to go 10 minutes without making a calamitous error (just watch that seasons highlights), meant that Killer would
  2. Venison was miles better than anyone since David Craig. Hottiger and Natrass were next best.
  3. I tested positive with a PCR test on friday 1st oct. i got my result in saturday 2nd oct. On the result email it says you must isolate for 10 days including the day of the test or when symptoms started if that was sooner. So I had to isolate up to and including the whole of sunday 10th oct. This isolation period was confirmed by three seperate phone calls from nhs trace that I got during the mandatory isolation period I know that the gov website, which was quoted on here, implies that you need to isolate the day of the test plus 10 days, but that is not my experience, nor my w
  4. Woooo, and indeed, hoooo.
  5. TotalWar

    Epic NUFC photos

    Jimmy Scoular was the captain in 1955. Harvey retired in 53.
  6. Fair value? what do they base that on? Surely our owners can point to what value sponsors etc placed on our club when we actually tried to attract commercial revenue. Like the days of Freddy Fletcher, and probably all the way to the days of Ashley when it all stopped, and he appeared to no longer want any inward commercial activity at all. Could the owners not point to our position, when we tried, as in the top 5 in England, and top 20 in tne world for commercial revenue. Could they not argue that fair value is allowing us to regain our natural level, so we can attract inwa
  7. Im guessing there is no record at the box office of any season tickets held in the 80s, or from 93-2003. I e emailed them to ask, just in case.
  8. I wonder if it was Charnley in his new role who opened the building up, put the heating on, did a quick security sweep, and made the cuppas.
  9. My Father was from Dorset, he always pronounced it as Bournmuth, as does everyone from down there, probably most of the country too. Ive always pronounced it Bournemouth though, like Tynemouth, even though Ive been to Bournmouth and surrounding areas dozens of times in my life. I think most Geordies and Jocks would say Bournmouth.
  10. Ending the Shirt sponsorship maybe. Didnt someone say that there had been no progress with the plans for the land next to the metro that Ashley sold to his son in law? Maybe we are buying that land back.
  11. I’d like us to sign the modern equivalent of Venison, Beresford, Bracewell, Lee, and Cole. Also for Howe to turn someone, or sign them, into Lee Clarke. All those players were vital to our glorious promotion under Keegan, all signed for that season, with the exception of Clarke obviously, and were largely responsible for our rise, they were also vital for the first season back when we finished 3rd. Howe says that full backs are vital to his system, Venison and Beresford types would be ideal. Trippier appears to be in that bracket. Doing a Keegan, and upgrading every position every ti
  12. Ive talked in other threads about excitement. The proposed appointment of Emery, and the excitement it seems to have generated in many on here made me think of all the managerial appointments Ive seen as a supporter, and which of them excited me on appointment. i think its fair to say that mostly I was far more delighted to see them be sacked than become manager. Even a manager like Arthur Cox who I really loved, was obviously very much a meh appointment. Keegan first time, was such an unknown quantity, but, yes, I was excited. There was a feeling that Dalglish would turn u
  13. Thinking back to happy times of supporting Newcastle in the past. We as supporters, and the city as a whole always seemed fantastic when we were United. United in our support for the club, and in our ambitions. when this happens, the whole city is alive and buzzing. Everywhere you go, everyone you speak to wants to talk about NUFC. Its magical. We are not there yet, as even though we are potentially the richest club in the world, there is so much uncertainty, and people seem very divided about everything to do with the takeover and the future. I compare this time with the arrival
  14. Everyone referring to getting to January for the transfer window. How often have we or any other club bought someone early January, mid January, or at any time much before the very last minute in January? I know it sometimes happens. Especially if clubs are messing us around to squeeze every last drop of money out of desperate, money bags Newcastle, or if they are part of the Premier League cartel, they will just mess us around because. So we are talking beginning of February to get new players in the team, then weve got settling in period, hit and miss players etc. worryin
  15. I said on another thread that after going home and away every week watching newcastle right through the 80s 90s and early 2000s, I gave up and boycotted after the sacking of Bobby Robson (how he was treated, and the ludicrous appointment of Souness) Since then Ive only watched a few games in TV during the Pardew era, but NUFC is still very important to me. i guess there are thousands of people (ex match goers) out there the same as me, including most of the lads I used to go with. Anyway, I watched yesterday’s game and the thing that struck me the most, stuck out like a sore t
  16. The people who are on top Say that you should keep your chin up and They are keen to show you, the unhappy ones below you But I want to more of that stuff, that's looking at it upside down. Silver Lining - Stiff Little Fingers
  17. Looking for a bit of advice please. I haven’t had sky since the 1990s, or any football related streaming service, nor watched any football on dodgy streams. i dont have a clue how people watch football without taking out a second mortgage. i would like to get ready to watch Newcastle on tv as often as I can. ive currently got virgin fibre broadband, with no tv. And now tv stick. How would I best go about doing it please? do people use vpn and subscribe to some overseas channel? many thanks
  18. My favourite ever Newcastle player
  19. I started Supporting Newcastle around 1970. Went to my first game in December 1980, (1-0 v sheff wed, bobby bentnose shinton scored). Went to just about every game over the next 20 years. I stopped going when Robson was sacked. Most of the lads i used to travel the country with have also stopped going. I dont even watch football on tv anymore. I do spend far too much time reading thus forum though. this day is fantastic, I am elated, i want to start going back to the match. For those that haven’t experienced what this city is like when the football is good are in for a treat. You had to be t
  20. Doesn’t the Owners and Directors Test give the Premier League the perfect opportunity to specifically target the people directly responsible for this situation? We have been told repeatedly that the ODT isnt just a one off when someone buys a club, but is redone each and every year. Therefore, this years ODT finds that every owner and CEO that joined the Super League is, by that act, not fit and proper and so the club is barred from competing in the Premier League until those individuals are shipped out or sell up (or whatever sanctions are written into Premier League rules) Simple, and
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