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  1. It’s so so good. S2 and 3 are the best imo. The bad guys are really f***ing bad. The acting across the board is absolutely superb. The Bridge also superb. Saga and Martin chemistry is fantastic. Where can I find Spiral? Had a quick look on Netflix but didn't turn up. Just finished "The Investigation" found it a bit meh.
  2. Fantastic, groundbreaking technical achievement. One thing that does bother me though is the tacking on of the score as an afterthought. Way too many good documentaries suffer from utterly generic music. Still deserved the Oscar. I'll have to watch it for a 15th time then, I honestly can't say I even noticed the music too much. Just too enthralled and amazed by the sheer balls and self belief on this kid, not to mention physical and mental skill, strength and belief to pull off something few could even dream about. I honestly think it's up there with the great physical achievements in hum
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