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  1. By a country mile, its the biggest for a British audience This is a massive deal in world sport. Joshua v Fury is the biggest fight since Mayweather Pacquio
  2. Tyson Fury has confirmed fight will be in Saudi Saudi will now be the 'hottest' (in more ways than one) destination on the planet. I think this could be great for us 👍
  3. Government are considering making the PL use an independent regulator for key decisions This is huge for the takeover! Pressure well and truly on!
  4. Tories smashing it Labour are dead!
  5. If Fulham lose today, its over I always look at the glass half empty where NUFC is concerned so I dont say this lightly. Fulham have both Man U and Chelsea away in their last 5 games after today! If they lose today and against the above they need to win the other 3, just to go level with us as things stand! Its over!
  6. This is going to be so underwhelming The takeover is all that matters! Anything else is just noise!
  7. NUST seem to be getting excited about something!
  8. I hope Craig has a belter lined up for tonight
  9. Add Schar to that list, and Lejeune if he was here. Schar always looks like he can't believe how thick Bruce is. Its quite clear these would be the players who cared. The others obviously have no personal interest, so long as they are in the match day squad!
  10. Lost the high court case to Barclays Lost 2 cases on pre-arbitration All in the last month It's going so well 🙄
  11. I can see this happening of we lose to Man U
  12. I miss the ITK boys of November/December Anything to break up this purgatory
  13. Even if the takeover happened it is so dangerous for him to take this job before the season is out! If Bruce was sacked and he takes over and we go down, the knives would be out Bruce needs to finish the season come what may
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