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For all the posturing, pandering to the cameras and declarations of intent...


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...who is really going to miss out on the chance of watching Shearer's first home match as manager?


Arguably the greatest and most influential player to have graced the black and white shirt, are all these decrees of Keegan-esque walking away going to hold firm when faced with the new (and possibly greatest) chapter of our club's history?


Even the charva kids, who so admirably have protested outside the ground in mourning of their dearly departed King will surely have no hesitation in switching allegience - when it comes to "Local Hero"s, none personify the phrase moreso than the Lion of Gosforth.


For the more thoughtful, more romantic and frankly, old enough to actually remember Keegan either of the first two times around, perhaps their genuine loss and anguish will be at odds with the sense of hope and optimism...nay, the feeling of destiny that this man will instil within the "Geordie Nation".

Perhaps the combination of polar opposite feelings (betrayal, injustice, hope, delight, ecstasy) will cause their brains to melt, forcing them to live out their lives in a state of semi-delirium with a permanent smile in situ.


The more cynical, perhaps wiser, but oft-maligned supporter who is concerned that the club is back to square one, but cannot empathise with the floundering and 'end-of-the-world' behaviour by his more unstable fellow fan, will feel a sense of reassurement that his faith in the badge has been justifiably rewarded. Remember, he did not come out and pick sides in the squabbles and battles of the past week, he simply put his faith in the badge and remembered that this day was set in stone back in the times of sheet metal factories near Gosforth.


They knew he wasn't the messiah, he was just a naughty little boy. But even naughty boys do good deeds and so it happens that this naughty little boy did a very good deed back in 1996, so good that it has kept him in credit all of these years. Seemingly never to be superceded, until now...


...until HE returned, bringing gold for the owner and silver for the patrons. "Drink on me," he said. "Drink well and long, for the glass has been empty for some time, now it must be replenished" - the Book of Alan, Chp 9:206


At least we can dream, eh?

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