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The lack of consideration for Football fans in a city like Newcastle?

Guest Heneage

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I got to thinking the other day. How poor the region is with its public transport in relation to Football. Wednesdays cup game is a prime example. As i'm sure we are all aware theres a large contingent of fans that travel from the likes of Darlo and Durham, self included, but the last train to Durham at 10;45 is the last train before 4 am. What happens if tomorrow goes to Extra time and penalties? Do we just leave early? I mean im fond of a cheeky pint after the game, but surely 6 hours between trains is a bit daft.


It happened last year with Man Utd at home, the last train on a Saturday was ten to nine so everyone crammed on, it was hot stuffy which is fine, but there was one person who looked ready to faint in our carriage, and that was before someone had let off a really stinky fart. It just seems weird at the lack of thought that the City or the Police or whoever it is in terms of transport for fans.


Is it hard to put on an extra Arrive shuttle train on for a match day? If I remember right having got the 1045 before it is an Arriva shuttle train so no doubt thats gonna be absolutly packed. Looks like im gonna have to get a sprint on Wednesday after work.


Wondered if anyone else has the same problem or knows why this is the case?

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