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Funniest One Liner Thrown At The Players On The Pitch?

Crumpy Gunt

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At Boro 8 or 9 years ago, Wednesday night game.


Two players squaring up to each other just in front of the Toon supporters when the legend that is Cliffy Ahmed shouts "KICK HIM IN THE COCK"


Must admit everyone within ear-shot laughed out loud.

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Guest firetotheworks



Not by a fan, but I always laugh when I think back to Shearer saying to Keane 'do you want me to sign that for you?' when he walked towards him holding the ball.

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At the Adelaide United game a couple of seasons ago, sitting behind the away team's goal keeper (i think Liam Reddy from Queensland Roar), everyone was giving him a hard time - then some bloke behind me shouts at him:


"I saw your brother naked!" 


We all pissed ourselves laughing. 

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