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A Letter To Freddy Shepherd

Guest Geordie in London

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Guest Geordie in London

Dear Mr Shepherd,


I have been a lifelong fan of Newcastle United and having moved to London now watch home and away matches whenever their matches are televised or indeed when they visit the capital.


I am somewhat dismayed as to Newcastle United’s performance this season, I am aware that the season is only 11 games old, which is in complete contrast to how they performed played during the closing stages of last season was inspirational and Glen Roeder did a sterling job.


I have been trying to put my finger on what it is exactly that is impeding Newcastle United this season. Naturally losing Alan Shearer has left a gap that the club may never be able to fill, however the problem runs deeper than losing the club’s greatest player for many years.

There appears to be a lack of passion and hunger to compete and win; indeed to many loyal fans it seems as though the players who often earn more per year than most of the club’s supporters will see in their lives merely turn up and play a game of football as though it meant nothing to them or indeed anyone else.


I can only guess that this is not the case and that the players within Newcastle United want to play for Newcastle United not just because they can play football and get paid for doing so but because they feel passionate about playing for a club whose supporters will idolise them given the right conditions.


Unfortunately for Newcastle United and its supporters the players are not performing well and as I have mentioned they appear to play without passion or a sense of purpose. If this continues, who will the fans idolise? Who within the club is willing to stand up and be counted and declare that they are dedicated to Newcastle United? Who will pledge their allegiance to a club that has taken chances on many players past and present?

How many times will the loyal supporters in particular the travelling fans greet new players with open arms and open up their hearts only to have their trust and hope dashed by players who are not willing to go the extra mile for a club who if they stand up and be counted will make them kings.


What is the solution?

Newcastle United deserve good players and unfortunately it has only a handful of what could be termed as good players.

During the 1990’s Newcastle United had players that other teams coveted.

We need to return the club to that status. Newcastle United is a team who in the past have played with style, flamboyance and gritty determination.


Give the fans something to be proud of. Go down in history as the chairman who brought the spark back to Newcastle United.

The chairman who gave the fans what they wanted. The chairman who made Newcastle United a great team and a force to be reckoned with.


I appreciate that running any business is fraught with difficulties, however if you can make the club great again you will go down in club history as the Chairman who gave a damn and made a difference.


Yours Sincerely,


A Loyal Supporter


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Guest Gemmill

Your solution then is good players?  Sorry, but the ONLY solution is a good manager and a complete overhaul at a board room level.  Then you have to hope that the new manager identifies good players and coaches them accordingly.


Writing letters to the chairman imploring him to sign good players makes no sense whatsoever.

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